fueled by choice.™


At the core, fueled by choice.™ is a feeling.  It’s that feeling of motivation each one of us gets when we decide to be better at life, set goals, or do something out of the ordinary. It's that feeling of taking accountability for your actions, or having the courage to reject the alternatives that get in the way of progress; It is the feeling that supports our focus and mindset in an oversaturated world of content and information.  It resonates with self-actualization.  It’s the voice in all of us that says, “get the f*ck out of my way, I’m doing this."


Our mission is to fuel a community of aspiring, confident, like-minded individuals who empower one another to make good choices and lead fulfilling lives.  We encourage the exploration of intuition; the desire to break the mold and positively impact our environment.  We provide a stage for individuals to tell their story.  It’s the individual story within us that can bring us closer together as a community.


fueled by choice.™ began as a simple thought by CEO / Founder Jason Spencer while he was touring as a musician.  Like many musicians, he had a dream of becoming a “rock star,” touring the world and enjoying the fruits of success.  Though he managed two of those dreams, the fruits of success never came.  Towards the end of his music career he enrolled at Michigan State University to complete a Master's degree in Strategic Communications to cushion a decade of “not working a real job.”  The double-duty of being a student during the day and musician by night came with an intense schedule; one that required ambition, grit and dedication.  What intrigued him most about juggling music/education was the entire mindset around pursuing something “bigger.”  Specifically, the passion and fulfillment behind the pursuit.

These thoughts allowed him to look at the people around him through a different lens.  It started with his bandmates, who through trial and tribulation, were still together...they made a choice to stick it out.  Then it extended to friends, family, acquaintances and beyond, who were all navigating the waters of life...making their own unique choices to pursuit life goals.  He realized there was a deeper human-to-human connection through choice making, and that the individual stories behind each decision could help us become closer together as a community. 


Jason David Spencer // Founder

Jason Spencer // fueled by choice.

There is a poem by Robert Frost called, The Road Not Taken. The poem ends with, "I shall be telling this with a sigh, Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." This section of the poem has always stuck with me as both a reminder to be fearless of the unknown, but to also learn from the process and enjoy the thrills that come with it.

In 2009, I made a choice to pursue music as a career. In just under a decade, I saw hundreds of cities across the world that I only thought I'd see if I was lucky enough to vacation there; I experienced so many walks of life and learned about different cultures. But, I never thought much about the industry roller coaster, mental/physical tolls, the ability for time to fly SO fast, and the affects this would have until the band was coming to an end. However, this ebb and flow process of ups and downs would be one of the most important factors of growth in my life.

By 2019, the band did come to an end. It was probably the best definition of bitter-sweet I had ever experienced. But what truly intrigued me was our ability to stick it out over the years. Those years included the death of a family member while on tour, divorce, break ups, addiction, depression, financial hardships, anxiety and more. It was overwhelming to think about how much had happened, good and bad, but I couldn't stop thinking about the "why" in all of it. Why did I continue to pursue this career path regardless of everything? Why did my band members? Why do other musicians? In fact, why does anyone continue a pursuit with such a minimal return on investment? I believe it stems from a stronger, inner desire and happiness in the actual pursuit vs. the pursuit of happiness alone.

So, when I think about what it means to me to be fueled by choice I will always remember the why of my choice to ever pursue music, and the desire to continue for so long. Being fueled by choice means choosing a path and holding yourself accountable, learning from the process and enjoying the thrills that come with it. And most importantly, rejecting the alternatives that try and get in your way of progressing.

What does it mean to you to be fueled by choice?

Photo by Blake Yard

Drew Rambo // Co-Founder

Drew Rambo // fueled by choice.

I am a very privileged individual, raised in an upper middle-class household with incredible parents that preached kindness and respect. They provided me with every tool that I could ever need to succeed in life. Regardless of the fact that I put in the work to get to the point that I am today, the table was set for me from the get go. So I ask myself - how do I align with the empowered individuals with which we are cultivating our brand? The answer isnt as difficult as I had once thought.

When I wake up in the morning and decide to wear our logo, I will have a constant reminder throughout my day of my good fortunes. With those in mind, I’ll make the choice to better myself and attempt to uplift those around me. I’ll choose to be mindful and attentive in my interactions, and demonstrate compassion with my patients. I’ll choose to stay healthy for my own well-being, and also for my family and friends that care so much about me. I’ll choose to be open-minded and creative, to think outside the box and listen to my gut. The list goes on and on…

To me, fueled by choice at its core is a statement of gratitude. Choice is an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities. I am the luckiest person in the world because I have the ABILITY to make choices every day to better myself and my community. So many others in this world do not have that luxury.

What does it mean to you to be fueled by choice?

Photos by Blake Yard