The Stage // fueled by choice.

Sarey Ruden: fueled by choice.


Detroit-based artist Sarey Ruden’s project Sareytales is a collection of art and designs inspired by the creepy, cruel and misogynistic messages she has received during her online dating journey. Using her art and design background, quirky brand of dark humor plus personal experience and insight, Sarey turns tragic dating app messages into fearless and thought-provoking works of art. Leveraging art as its medium, the Sareytales platform hopes to increase awareness to the cyber-bullying and sexual harassment culture that is so prevalent in the digital dating world.
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Pierre Blake: fueled by choice.


PIERRE BLAKE is a luxury travel, food and lifestyle blogger who focuses on the best hotels, restaurants and more worldwide. Pierre scours the globe, sifting through the top of the top hotels and restaurants so you can spend your precious time on what really matters, the best experiences possible.
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