Wendy Thibodeau: fueled by choice.

Michigan Native. Adventurer. Photographer. Lover. Creator.

To start talking about herself isn't the easiest, but Wendy loves storytelling and her heart loves endlessly.  No two stories are alike, and we all have something to learn from each other.  Wendy has learned a lot about herself over the past few years, so we figured we could start there.  

Wendy loves Michigan and the Great Lakes that surround it; however, she's always ready for an adventure and will travel anywhere.  Her second love is tied with the mountains and pine trees. You'll see a lot of them in her work because she is drawn to the mystique and beauty they provide.  Wendy is also a loving mother to an incredible little lady.

She would rather invest her energy into people than material things.


 Wendy Thibodeau Photography


Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Fort Gratiot, Michigan. The mitten state!  In a beautiful tight knit neighborhood, with a man-made lake across the street from my childhood home.

Tell us about your vision, or mission. What’s ahead for you and/or your career? 

My mission is creating and capturing love, in all aspects of life.  To show people through portraits, a part of themselves and/or their creativeness and show them what we see.  The tender love story between two people on their wedding day. The closeness between people in their family dynamic. Just real, creative, love.
What’s ahead? Traveling the world, telling stories along the way.

We love people who break the boundaries and relentlessly push toward their goals. That said, what drives you?  Was there an event, or personal moment that triggered it all?

What drives me?  Well, a lot.  But I feel the main thing that fuels my fire is this beautiful earth we get to roam.  I love shape, color and the symmetry of nature.  I am inspired by the elements; I absolutely love living next to the Great Lakes and visiting the mountains when I can.  When I started photography, I remember being out in the woods and photographing what inspired me.  I took a lot of frames and started to create a story with them.  Storytelling is where I found out that I am the most inspired.  About 10 years ago, I was invited to a friend’s wedding.  I brought my 1972 Minolta film camera to the event and I just captured some of their portraits and fell in love with telling love stories.

Have you been rejected along the way? How did you feel?  How did you overcome it?

Of course, I have been rejected along the way, but I like to view it as not a good fit, or just not the right path at that time.  It is all a learning experience.  In the beginning, it was hard for people to put faith in someone just learning photography; therefore, I was turned away from some opportunities.  I overcame the mentality of rejection and kept a positive outlook on when my time to shine would come.  I don’t exactly mean that in a way that there is an end goal, but that my career journey will always be changing.

If you could offer a piece of wisdom/advice to someone who is ready to break their own boundaries, what would you tell them?

If you want to learn something bad enough, you’ll do it.  Don’t force yourself to be fueled by anything other than what makes you happy.  Find what inspires you and put that in your everyday.

What mantra do you would want the world to remember you by?

I do what I want.


What does it mean to you to be fueled by choice?

I live and speak my truth.  I do what I want to in my life, every day.


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