Pierre Blake: fueled by choice.

Luxury Travel and Food Blogger // Author of, “How To Live Abroad and Thrive with Passive Income."

PIERRE BLAKE is a luxury travel, food and lifestyle blogger who focuses on the best hotels, restaurants and more worldwide. Pierre scours the globe, sifting through the top of the top hotels and restaurants so you can spend your precious time on what really matters, the best experiences possible.

His goal is to inspire people to travel around the world in an effort to create more understanding and compassion everywhere. He strongly believes that as more people travel the world and live abroad, the entire planet becomes a much more peaceful place with less division and more unity.



Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the small town of Suttons Bay, located in Northern Michigan (in the pinkie.) It was a very peaceful place to grow up with an incredibly low crime rate, enchanting nature, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It was lovely during my formative years but it didn’t take long before my dream of becoming an international man of mystery gave me the desire to see what else the world had to offer!

Tell us about your vision, or mission.  What’s ahead for you and/or your career?  

PIERREBLAKE.com started in 2014 as a simple food blog during my time living in Bangkok, Thailand. It quickly grew to also include luxury hotels, exotic travel experiences, as well as self-development content. What gets me the most excited is helping others gain the knowledge and skills they need to pursue lifestyles based around control of their time through passive income and entrepreneurship. I’ve been asked so many times about how I’m able to sustainably live a lifestyle of constant travel and freedom where I focus on my passions that finally published my first book entitled How to Live Abroad and Thrive with Passive Income.

This year I have yet another massive trip planned where I will explore a dozen countries in Latin America over a 6 month period. While experiencing exotic cultures in countries that I have never been before, I will simultaneously work on my blog and my second book that focuses on mindfulness and meditation.

We love people who break the boundaries and relentlessly push toward their goals.  That said, what drives you? Was there an event, or personal moment that triggered it all?

For me, it all started during a study exchange semester in Bangkok, Thailand, back in 2009. Prior to that experience, I was an incredibly shy introvert that was never able to pursue what I truly wanted in life. It wasn’t until I flew halfway around the world that I was pushed out of my comfort zone and forced to become an extrovert. After that period of remarkable self-growth, I learned that overcoming challenges is a sure-fire way to improve and develop ourselves.

Have you been rejected along the way?  How did you feel? How did you overcome it?

When I was younger, I couldn’t handle the slightest rejection. The fear of it alone kept me from pursuing my dreams. After gaining confidence through a lot of tough situations I learned to not fear rejection, but embrace it. Now, if I want to do something, nothing is going to stop me, even if I have to be rejected 1,000 times, I will still keep going until I get what I want.

If you could offer a piece of wisdom/advice to someone who is ready to break their own boundaries, what would you tell them?

Each of us are only given a finite amount of time alive. When time passes us by, we will never get it back. Although large challenges may feel like unsurpassable mountains at first, anything can become possible when we break things down into manageable steps. Don’t put your dreams off any longer, pursue them now, before time runs out.

What mantra do you would want the world to remember you by?

Nothing outside of our minds will fulfill us.

What does it mean to you to be fueled by choice?

To me, “fueled by choice” means to choose a life full of purpose. It means living in a way where we focus our priorities on our passions and helping others. This is a simple choice we can all make which will make our lives the most fulfilling they can be.

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