Corey Presley // fueled by choice.

Videographer. Business Owner. Visionary Storyteller // Corey Presley 

Corey Presley is a creative and versatile videographer.  Experienced and efficient in the process of creating video projects from concept to completion.  Passionate about the art of cinematography.

He is the perfect example of someone who did not let their creative mind slip away as he became older.  Creating videos for fun as a kid, he experiences the same fulfillment now, but for a living.

Corey Presley


Corey, thanks for joining us!  So, tell us where you’re from.  Where does a creative person like yourself grow up?

I grew up in a house in a rural area near Dexter MI.  The house we lived in was back in the woods pretty far from any other house and very far from any of my friends.  To keep myself entertained I used the family camcorder and started making stop-motion and other artsy videos.  That is what originally sparked my passion as a video creator and my fascination with the artform only grew from there.


Sounds like you had a great environment to explore your creative side.  And it’s admiring that you’ve stayed true to that passion from childhood to adulthood.  As you continue down this road, what’s your objective and/or goals?

The whole goal here is to do something I enjoy and make a living out of it.  I love being able to push myself creatively and put together many different types of videos.  I want to grow more of a presence on social media over the next few years which will allow me to start to travel to create videos.  I currently do weddings, music videos, and promotional videos.  I want to continue to do these things on a greater scale and all over the globe.  I love to travel and really hope to make that a regular part of my job.


What drives you?  Was there an event, or personal moment that activated your growth mindset?

I have always been a creator, even when I was working for other people, I always had some sort of video project I was doing on the side.  That drive only grew and there came a point where I knew I had to do this full time.  I worked as a graphic designer for a sign company for eight years.  It was a regular 9-5 job and even though the job was sort of on the creative side, I just didn’t like doing the same thing every day.  So, in 2018 I decided to pursue my video career full time and I have worked on lots of fun projects since then.


In pursuing a video career full time, what kind of obstacles have you encountered so far?  How did you react to them?  Did the challenges make you better in the end?

When you are in a creative field, rejection is a pretty normal part of sucks, but it happens quite frequently.  Projects can often fall through, or get brushed aside, and although I’ve found ways to prevent that for the most part, it still just happens.  I almost worked for a clothing line as their videographer, they even called me and told me they are thinking of bringing me on to the team in a month, or two, and then they ended up changing their minds.  That was one of the moments that fueled the fire to start doing this for myself and take on the projects that I want to take on.  I’ve only grown from rejection and have become better at running my own business as a result.


If you could offer a piece of wisdom/advice to someone who is ready to go for it, what would you tell them?

Breaking your own boundaries and starting the path to do what you truly want to do is a difficult but freeing experience.  It may be the most difficult thing you have ever done at first but be patient and commit to it fully.  It will eventually pay off and you will be so happy that you decided to do it and laugh at the thought of never taking that risk.


What mantra do you want the world to remember you by?

“Lift your heart above your head, let it think for you instead.”  Which means to be a kind person and do what you love.


What does it mean to you to be fueled by choice?

To me, to be fueled by choice is to be free to do what you truly want to do because it is the most important thing to you.

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