Professional Musician + Nurse Anesthetist = Brand?

Yep! We started to bring the concept of “fueled by choice” to life in January 2020. Long story short, it wasn’t fair to keep the feeling behind the brand between the two of us. Why? Because it’s absolutely f*cking awesome to empower one another through the positive choices we make on this roller coaster called life.

At the core, fueled by choice. is a feeling.  It’s that feeling of motivation each one of us gets when we decide to be better at life, set goals, or do something out of the ordinary. It's that feeling of taking accountability for your actions, or having the courage to reject the alternatives that get in the way of progress; It is the feeling that supports our focus and mindset in an oversaturated world of content and information.  It resonates with self-actualization.  It’s the voice in all of us that says, “get the f*ck out of my way, I’m doing this."

Our mission is to fuel a community of aspiring, confident, like-minded individuals who empower one another to make good choices and lead fulfilling lives.  We encourage the exploration of intuition; the desire to break the mold and positively impact our environment.  We provide a stage for individuals to tell their story.  It’s the individual story within us that can bring us closer together as a community.

fueled by choice.™